Aviatrix Licensing & Support Frequently Asked Questions

Is Aviatrix Software Defined Cloud Routing Delivered as Software or as a Service?

You can run the Aviatrix Controller by either installing the AWS AMI in one of your own VPCs, or by signing up for an Aviatrix Hosted Service account. Either way, you install the Aviatrix Gateways as software images in each VPC. Both Controller versions are identical — you simply choose the deployment option that best fits your needs.

What is the definition of a tunnel? How many tunnel subscriptions do I need to buy for my company?

The definition of a tunnel is a secure point-to-point connection between two environments. It could be between an on-prem device and a cloud instance, between two cloud environments, or between a user and the cloud environment. As a result, you need to purchase as many tunnels as you have physical connections. There are 4 types of tunnels and 1 service: intracloud tunnels, multicloud tunnels, site to cloud tunnels, OpenVPN® user tunnels and egress security service. See the bottom of the pricing page for examples.

Can I have different support levels for each type of tunnel in my environment?

No, the tunnels must be at the same subscription level to receive support. For example, to receive 24×7 support, all tunnels must be licensed at Premium Subscription level.

Do I need to purchase an a subscription for development, QA, and pre-production test?

Yes, for customers who want full technical support during development, QA, and / or pre-production testing, we encourage them to buy our licenses or purchase consulting services.

How can I contact the Aviatrix Technical Support team?

Contact us anytime via email: support@aviatrix.com.

The number of tunnels expands during peak usage and then contracts during periods of lower usage. For how many tunnels do I need to buy subscriptions to support this usage pattern?

We tried to take into account the fact that almost all cloud deployments have seasonality and would expand and contract. As a result, the standard policy is that you need to buy Enterprise subscriptions licenses for all tunnels that are operating during peak usage. We also offer metered, pay-as-you-go pricing. If you have a deployment that needs something different, please contact Sales at sales@aviatrix.com to discuss alternative licensing approaches.

What is the duration of a subscription agreement?

One year. For customers that buy many subscriptions and want to synchronize or co-terminate on a single annual renewal date, this can be arranged by contacting Aviatrix Sales at sales@aviatrix.com.

Can I upgrade from one subscription level to another?

Yes, we would be happy to upgrade your subscription on a prorated basis for the remaining duration of your subscription. Please contact Sales at sales@aviatrix.com.

How can a potential customer use Aviatrix to evaluate the product?

Aviatrix provides free 14-day trials to evaluate the Aviatrix Software Defined Cloud Routing for AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud.

For FAQs about the Aviatrix Hosted Service, click here.

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