Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Aviatrix Hosted Service?

Aviatrix Hosted Service makes cloud networking even easier. In a few minutes you can sign up and start building cloud network connections with a browser-based, hosted Aviatrix Controller that we provide as a service to you. It’s an additional offering alongside our installed AMI software version. The functionality is the same, providing easy ways to build out global transit hubs, encrypted peerings, egress security and User VPN for your AWS, Azure and Google environments.

How is the Aviatrix Hosted Service vs the Aviatrix AMI Software version different?

Now you have two highly secure ways to leverage the Aviatrix Controller, your cloud or ours. The software-defined Aviatrix Gateways are still deployed in your VPCs via that Controller. By using the Hosted Service to access the Controller, it’s one less instance of infrastructure software that you have to maintain and manage. While you still retain all the control with the Hosted Service, Aviatrix can provide proactive assistance with software upgrades. For more control, you can deploy the Aviatrix AMI Software version in your own VPCs instead. Both are available with 14 day free trials and billed monthly thereafter. The functionality and pricing is the same, except there is an additional 5 cents/hour charge for the Aviatrix Hosted Service.

Why is Aviatrix offering a hosted service?

To provide customers with deployment flexibility, either as a service or as an AMI software instance. Customers that opt for the hosted service will see a faster and simplified onboarding experience - allowing them to save time and build out their use cases more quickly.

Is the Aviatrix Hosted Service highly available?

Yes, the Aviatrix Hosted Service is operated by Aviatrix experts and provide SLAs for uptime. Your Hosted Service comes with Standard plus 24x7x365 support. The Service Level Agreement is here:

What data is stored in the Aviatrix Hosted Service?

Keeping our users' data private is of utmost importance to our business. We have spent significant time and resource in robust security practices. As the Controller in not in the data plane, it does not have access to any of your network traffic. The Controller stores data for managing your environment. Your sensitive data is encrypted every step of the way; we never receive or transmit unencrypted account information.

For more about our Data Security, see this link:

What type of customer is a good fit for the Aviatrix Hosted Service?

Any customer who wants to reduce deployment time and configuration complexity, or any customer who wants to quickly build a trial or proof-of-concept environment for public cloud networking use cases such as Global Transit VPC, Remote User VPN, Encrypted Peering and VPC Egress Security, among others…

How does billing work for the Aviatrix Hosted Service?

You can pay right on your AWS bill. After the 14-day free trial, users will be asked to visit the AWS Marketplace to subscribe to the Aviatrix Cloud Networking as a Service offer. After subscribing, you’ll see Aviatrix on your monthly bill from AWS. The pricing is the same, listed here: Note: for using the Aviatrix Hosted Service, there is an additional 5 cents/hour charge for the Controller instance. This charge is the similar to running the Controller AMI instance yourself.

What if I start with the Hosted Service and then want to move to the AMI Software version?

There is currently not an automated migration. Aviatrix can provide a fixed consulting engagement to migrate you from the Hosted Service to the AMI Software version. This takes less than a day and has a price of $1000. There is minimal downtime for this consulting engagement. Contact

What’s included in the Free Trial of the Aviatrix Hosted Service

The free trial includes a 14 day license to use all the features of the Aviatrix Secure Networking Platform. Once the 14 day license expires, users can subscribe (metered/hourly billing) to the service to continue using all the features. Or, if a user decides not to subscribe they can continue using the hosted service and the 2 FREE tunnels and the FREE FlightPath EC2 Troubleshooting Tool as long as they wish.

How do I cancel my service?

Send an email to to notify Aviatrix that the service should be cancelled. The service will be terminated within (4) business hours. The instance will remain available for up to 30 days in the event the you wants to restart the service. However, after that time the service will be de-provisioned and any configuration and related data will no longer be available.

How do I get started?

Before you get started you’ll need you need an AWS account. To get started, simply sign up at For AWS users, we provide a simple CloudFormation template to link your AWS account as part of the on-boarding process. After that, simply log into the Aviatrix Console to start your use case.

Can I use the Aviatrix Hosted Service with Azure and Google Cloud?

Yes, the Aviatrix Controller supports multiple accounts from any of the major cloud providers. As part of the automated on-boarding, we currently support adding an AWS account to get started. After that, you can simple add other accounts by clicking Accounts > Access Accounts > +New Account:


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