Aviatrix Hosted Service

Aviatrix Secure Networking Platform as a Service is a hosted solution that provides an easy way to setup and manage your Cloud Network.

In a few minutes you can subscribe and start building cloud network connections with a browser-based, hosted Aviatrix Controller that is provided as a service to you, managed by Aviatrix. It’s an additional deployment offering alongside our installed AMI software versions. The functionality is the same and this hosted solution supports the same metered, usage-based monthly billing which is included in your AWS bill.

The Aviatrix Secure Networking Platform as a Service consists of two components: Aviatrix Hosted Controller; and the Aviatrix Gateways, which are deployed in your VPCs or on-premises:

Aviatrix Hosted Service

Key Features

Improved Productivity

Reduce the strain on your overburdened IT and Cloud teams by offloading the controller set up, management, and upgrades to Aviatrix.

  • Start building connectivity immediately, without system installation or configuration
  • Focus on your networking use cases, not on running network infrastructure
  • Link cloud accounts instantly for rapid deployment

The Latest and Greatest

With Aviatrix Hosted Service and our agile development, you’ll have immediate access to the latest features without downtime.

  • Building connectivity with the latest features and network innovations
  • All product updates done for you
  • No downtime to implement new upgrades

Pay-as-you-go Pricing

Pay the way you’re used to paying for your cloud instances: per connection-year or by connection-hours

  • Choose annual subscription or hourly pay-as-you-pricing
  • Shift costs from CapEx to OpEx
  • Tack on to your AWS bill via the Marketplace SaaS subscription