Features & Benefits

Secure, Automated Networking for the Cloud Era

The Aviatrix solution includes a powerful collection of connectivity features to enable rapid setup, security, monitoring and troubleshooting across your cloud enviornment.

Encrypted Peering

Inter-region and inter-cloud encrypted peering lets enterprises use AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud for data replication, disaster recovery, and high-availability.

Simplified Hybrid Deployments

Utilizing mixed layer 2 and layer 3 technology, enterprises can extend private LANs to public clouds within minutes, without any changes to existing network infrastructure.

Enterprise-class OpenVPN® for AWS, Azure and Google Cloud

OpenVPN® is the open source industry standard for secure remote access with the broadest range of devices. Built on OpenVPN®, Aviatrix 2.0 enables user profile-based access controls that dynamically enforce security policies at the network perimeter; Multi-factor authentication with Active Directory, Duo Security, Google or Okta. Geo-aware OpenVPN access connects users to the nearest cloud region.

Multi-account Support

Aviatrix simplifies the connectivity between multiple user accounts to enable enterprises to have cost controls and accountability.

Cloud Network Visibility

Aviatrix 2.0 includes a centralized management console, user activity monitoring and routing diagnostics, as well as event logging to Elasticsearch, Sumo Logic and Splunk, and remote syslog server.

Expanded Public Cloud Platform Support

Aviatrix Cloud Native Networking Software is now expanded to include Google Cloud, AWS GovCloud, Azure Resource Manager, and Azure China. Aviatrix 2.0 provides additional security by adding encryption over private, dedicated physical links such as Azure ExpressRoute and AWS Direct Connect.

Scaling SaaS in the Cloud

SaaS applications are widely deployed in the public cloud, but planning, maintaining, and providing access to hundreds of VPCs can become an impossible task for CloudOps and network teams. Aviatrix enables VPCs to share identical CIDRs, instance private IP addresses, and security groups with environmental stamping for easy management and troubleshooting. Onboarding by connecting customer site to cloud tenants is increasingly required.

Purpose-built for your public cloud platform(s).

Benefits of the Aviatrix Cloud-native Solution

Flexible Connectivity

Aviatrix one-click hybrid cloud networking delivers unparalleled flexibility by providing:

  • Scalable connectivity between on premise infrastructure and cloud resources in AWS VPCs, Azure VNETs and Google projects from a single control point
  • Direct SSL VPN remote access to clouds for a wide range of devices and users without having to hairpin through physical data centers
  • Enabling transport agnostic connectivity to clouds over the internet
  • Multiple deployment options allowing coexistence of Aviatrix-instantiated Virtual Private Clouds and pre-existing customer-created VPCs

One-click Simplicity

Aviatrix immensely simplifies scalable hybrid cloud connectivity by:

  • Streamlining all cloud networking control, provisioning and management through a single browser based interface regardless of the cloud provider or physical infrastructure
  • Providing centralized visibility and troubleshooting across multi-cloud deployments
  • Extending the private IP address space to public clouds
  • Enabling granular cloud provider account management to track cloud resource usage, costs and charge back to individual projects and teams

Cloud Agility

  • Deliver a fast time to value with an out-of-box cloud networking solution and associated services that helps customers automate the initial steps towards hybrid and multi cloud deployments.
  • Centrally orchestrated IPSec connectivity between on premise infrastructure and AWS VPCs, Azure VNETs and Google Projects reduces cloud network provisioning time by more than 95%
  • A software-only model without any changes to the on-premises edge router reduces risk and delivers on demand hybrid cloud connectivity.

CloudOps Dashboard

  • Consolidated view to visualize and monitor secure connections, user VPNs with usage and health alerts for proactive actions
  • Scale up and scale out as your cloud needs changes
  • Single click to create/add tunnels across new VPCs/regions across branch offices, on-premises data centers and multiple public clouds,
  • Troubleshooting tools for network, access and security issues with packet capture capability

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