Product Components

Aviatrix Components

The Aviatrix solution is based on the AVX Controller which orchestrates and manages the cloud network. AVX Controller seamlessly blends native components like Transit Gateways and instance-based components like AVX Gateways. The AVX Gateways can be deployed for extending your network in the cloud, to multiple clouds, and to on-premises environments.

AVX Controller

The AVX Controller is the central orchestration and management console. The Controller centralizes cloud network operations for the cloud and to the edge of on-premises sites. It is the single pane of glass for secure networking and compliance, using dynamic route propagation, visualization, monitoring and troubleshooting.

Benefits of the AVX Controller include:

  • Single pane of glass for orchestration and automation
  • Central orchestration and provisioning
  • Extensive access logging and monitoring for compliance and audit
  • Multi-region, multi-cloud encrypted peering
  • Flexible Pay-As-You-Go licensing, billed to your AWS Account

AVX Gateway

The AVX Gateway is a cloud scale out and load balanced solution that allows direct VPN access to VPCs. Built for cloud deployments with multiple VPCs/VNets, the Gateway is architected to support a distributed cloud-based deployment across multiple regions. It can be installed on-premises or in the cloud to connect, manage, and secure cloud networks.

Benefits of the AVX Gateway include:

  • Multi-region, multi-cloud encrypted peering
  • Scale-out cloud VPN that auto scales to users and load
  • Multifactor authentication—Active Directory/LDAP, DUO, Google and Okta
  • User profile-based access and consistent security policies
  • Deployed on-prem ESX/HyperV/ KVM or in AWS, Azure, and Google
  • Environmental stamping to create cloud networks at scale

Purpose-built for your public cloud platform(s).