A Better Approach for Public Cloud

Introducing the first global transit & services architecture for hybrid organizations and SaaS providers.

Aviatrix, an AWS Advanced Partner, offers an innovative architecture that is purpose-built for cloud. The Aviatrix Architecture integrates a Global Transit Hub with a Shared Services layer making it an ideal approach for hybrid organizations. By decoupling the networking transport and service elements, organizations implementing hybrid cloud or multi-cloud environments have a cohesive architecture that reduces friction between the IT networking and DevOps teams. Network teams can focus on circuits and direct connections for the hybrid connectivity, while cloud teams can manage cloud networking and shared services VPCs without needing any in-depth networking expertise. Read the blog.

The Aviatrix software-defined cloud networking architecture:

Aligns teams and skills.

Aviatrix aligns with the DevOps architecture through shared service VPCs and spoke VPCs, which improves self-sufficiency and agility of cloud teams.

Provides isolation by default.

No inter-VPC connectivity occurs unless specified by policy.

Reduces egress charges.

Inter-VPCs traffic in the service architecture level incurs half the egress charge compared to Transit VPC.

Mitigates performance bottlenecks.

Inter-VPC traffic does not need to go through the Transit VPC.

Aligns with data replication.

Inter-VPC traffic is direct and requires no extra hop.

Improves visibility and troubleshooting.

Cloud teams gain visibility across hybrid and multi-cloud environments from a single, unified console.

Purpose-built for your public cloud platform(s).

Aviatrix Components

The Aviatrix solution consists of two components: the Aviatrix Gateway, which is deployed on-premises or in the cloud; and the Aviatrix Cloud Controller, which orchestrates and manages one or more Gateways.

Aviatrix Gateway

The Aviatrix Gateway is a cloud scale out and load balanced solution that allows direct VPN access to VPCs. Built for cloud deployments with multiple VPCs/VNets, the Gateway is architected to support a distributed cloud-based deployment across multiple regions. It can be installed on-premises or in the cloud to connect, manage, and secure cloud networks.

Benefits of the Aviatrix Gateway include:

  • Scale-out cloud VPN that auto scales to users and load
  • Multifactor authentication—Active Directory/LDAP, DUO, Google and Okta
  • Multi-region, multi-cloud encrypted peering
  • User profile-based access and consistent security policies
  • Deployed on-prem ESX/HyperV/ KVM or in AWS, Azure, and Google
  • Environmental stamping to create cloud networks at scale

Aviatrix Cloud Controller

The Aviatrix Cloud Controller is the central orchestration component used with the Gateways on-premises or in the cloud. The Controller centralizes cloud operations and management. It is the engine that allows for automated provisioning, logging and monitoring data analytics, and flexible volume-based licensing for cloud bursting.

Benefits of the Aviatrix Cloud Controller include:

  • Single pane of glass for orchestration and automation
  • Central orchestration and provisioning
  • Extensive access logging and monitoring for compliance and audit
  • Multi-region, multi-cloud encrypted peering
  • Flexible volume-based licensing to enable burst usage