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Five VPCs and one Transit hub. A dollar and twenty-eight cents. Damn Gina, why are we still talking?

Build Secure Cloud Networks by the Use Case Solution Easy, pay as you go pricing
Tack on Your AWS Bill with Metered AMI

Next-Gen Global Transit Network with Transit Gateway

Simplify connectivity for your growing VPC environment by implementing a Next-Gen Transit Network that is software defined, centrally managed and sanctioned by AWS.


Essentials Tier

Per TGW Attachment, Per Hour*

Next-Gen Global Transit Network with AVX Gateway

Simplify connectivity for your growing VPC environment by implementing a Next-Gen Transit Network that is software defined, centrally managed and sanctioned by AWS.

Encrypted Peering

Meet corporate and regulatory compliance requirements by encrypting data-in-motion. Using IPsec between any two VPCs, organizations can centrally manage secure peering across accounts and clouds.


Per Cloud2Cloud Tunnel, Per Hour*

Managed AWS Native Peering (FREE)

VPC Egress Security

Control VPC traffic outbound to the Internet with powerful Layer 7 filtering that enables organizations to allow or deny access based on policies using high availability, inline gateways.


FQDN Egress Filtering per Gateway, Per Hour*

Remote User VPN

Secure remote access for developers, employees and partners to VPCs and cloud services using a cloud native solution based on OpenVPN®.

Remote User VPN is billed per concurrent connection-hour. To estimate your costs, a conservative assumption would be a user connecting for four hours per workday. Using an average of 22 workdays per month = $2.64 per month per user (22 x 4 x 3 cents). Most users do not usually connect for half a day, each work day.

Per User2Cloud Tunnel, Per Hour*

Multicloud Peering

Simplify networking between AWS, Azure and Google Cloud by using a native, API-based approach to centrally manage connectivity and eliminate complexity for implementations that span multiple cloud services.

Site-to-Cloud VPN

Quickly create secure connections from on premise datacenters, sites or branch locations to cloud resources using existing on premise hardware and internet infrastructure to minimize costs.


Per Site2Cloud & Cloud2Cloud Tunnel, Per Hour*

Billed monthly or annually via AWS Marketplace. Tunnel prices include the Aviatrix Gateway software; they do not include cloud provider infrastructure and egress charges. See examples below.

Enterprise Licenses Also Available

Custom terms Volume pricing Request a Quote

Essentials Advanced Ultimate


Per VPC Attachment to Transit Gateway, Per Hour

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Core features:
  • Multi-account
  • Security Domains
  • Security Policies
  • Basic Orchestration
  • Basic Monitoring
  • Basic Alerting
  • Basic Visualization
  • FlightPath Troubleshooting tool
Advanced Networking Features
Expert Features
Example: Next-Generation Global Transit Network with AWS Transit Gateway and 5 Spoke VPCs
Aviatrix Software Prices
6 VPC attachments managed by AVX Controller (16¢ per hour) 96¢
2 Aviatrix Gateway HA Tunnels in Edge VPC (16¢ per hour) 32¢
Attachments and tunnels $1.28 per hour
AWS EC2 Instance Charges (On-Demand, Default Sizes)
Controller instance (t2.large) (9.3¢ per hour) 9.3¢
2 Gateway Instances in Edge VPC (m4.large) (10¢ per hour) 20¢
6 Transit Gateway VPC attachments (5¢ per hour) 30¢
Total Infrastructure 59¢ per hour
Total for SW and Infrastructure (Not including Bandwidth Charges) $1.87 per hour

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