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Aviatrix Extends Multi-Cloud Networking and Security Services Portfolio to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

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SAN FRANCISCO, September 17, 2019

Aviatrix, the leading provider of networking and security services for multi-cloud enterprises, has extended its portfolio of services to the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). Aviatrix software embraces and extends native OCI constructs and infrastructure to provide the operational simplicity, security and performance enterprises require when moving to the cloud. Services that are immediately available, include advanced transit networking, network segmentation, smart SAML VPN and site-to-cloud VPN access, cloud to Internet egress filtering, and much more.

“Enterprises moving to public cloud are building on a new multi-cloud networking and security architecture driven by corporate IT leaders who require manageability, governance and operational visibility across all clouds,” said Rod Stuhlmuller, Vice President of Marketing at Aviatrix. “Our customers led us to extend our services into OCI and Oracle’s clear commitment to a multi-cloud approach is exactly what enterprise IT leaders are looking for.”

In all public clouds, networking often becomes a limiting factor of consumption and hinders time to market. IT organizations often discover too late that native cloud constructs have significant limitations and that ongoing management of network routes results in significant overhead costs. Aviatrix provides multi-cloud networking and security services that allow IT organizations to build and operate a secure multi-cloud backbone as an overlay on top of public cloud constructs and infrastructures. Aviatrix’s intelligent controller orchestrates and automates many of the network management functions that hinder adoption. Even when deployed exclusively within OCI, Aviatrix addresses many of the network related challenges faced by Oracle customers and ISVs deploying applications. Aviatrix software orchestrates the provisioning of OCI VCNs and manages connectivity through a hub and spoke architecture, abstracting the dependence on limiting objects such as Local Peering Gateways.

“We are seeing a large demand from enterprise partners looking to expand or move their businesses intellectual property from datacenters, to our cloud, and into single or multi-cloud platforms. These enterprise partners require stable, secure, and reliable technology to operationalize with the lowest friction possible. Corporate IT, traditional network, and cloud network operations require a technology like Aviatrix to securely overlay one-to-many cloud networks,” said Tom Liakos Enterprise Cloud Architect, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. “Aviatrix’s networking and security services, built on native OCI constructs, offer a single-pane of glass view, command and control of cloud software used to create next generation cloud architectures that enterprise customers are looking for.”

Meet with Aviatrix at Oracle Open World September 16-19 in San Francisco.

About Aviatrix

Aviatrix is the leading provider of advanced networking and security services for the multi-cloud enterprise. Public cloud providers – such as AWS, Azure, GCP and Oracle OCI – have now become the physical infrastructure for enterprise IT. Aviatrix networking and security software services – born in the cloud, for the cloud – embrace and extend native public cloud constructs and infrastructure and provide the operational simplicity, security and performance required for enterprises moving to the cloud. Services include advanced transit networking, network segmentation, next-generation firewall integration, smart SAML VPN and site-to-cloud VPN access, cloud to Internet egress filtering, high-performance encryption, and many more. Learn more at

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