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What is a Hybrid Cloud Network?

A hybrid cloud network uses IT resources that are situated both on premises and in the public cloud. This article briefly examines the technologies, challenges and advantages of hybrid cloud.

What is Terraform and Infrastructure as Code?

Terraform is an open source tool built by Hashicorp to automate the provisioning of infrastructure resources. It is used to build, manage, update and delete the infrastructure resources like physical machines, virtual machines, containers, networking and others using infrastructure as a code philosophy.

What is a AWS VPC Peering?

In this post we will discuss about AWS VPC peering and how it can be used to connect resources between same Availability Zones in the same region or resources from different regions.

What is Transitive Routing?

In this post, we will cover transitive routing in the cloud with a focus on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Transitive routing can be achieved using third party software or appliances (AWS recommends using the vendor that the operator feels most comfortable with).