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Robert Half

Staffing firm Robert Half automates hybrid cloud deployment with Aviatrix and AWS.

Founded in 1948, Robert Half pioneered the concept of professional staffing services. A member of the S&P 500 index with 2015 revenues of $5.09 billion, Robert Half has staffing and consulting operations at over 400 locations worldwide.

As an early adopter of AWS cloud services, the company needed to address the agility, exibility and secure isolation with separate Virtual Private Clouds (VPCs). Robert Half CIO Sean Perry envisioned a hybrid cloud architecture where BU’s and developers use separate cloud resources, with secure connectivity to their datacenter. The simplicity of the Aviatrix cloud defined networking solution helped them do just that.

Hybrid Cloud Challenges

The network bottleneck

Took more than 4 weeks to provision secure connectivity between cloud provider VPN gateway (such as VGW) to datacenter edge router requiring IT maintenance windows, manual intervention of CCIE network experts and complex CLI configurations.

Business disruption risk
  • Risk of con guration mistakes on the edge router resulting in business disruption and loss of revenues as edge devices carry mission critical traffic
  • Additional purchase of edge hardware appliances in cases where the limit of IPSEC tunnels they support is reached
  • Inability to address the dynamic cloud connectivity demands of the development community due to the rigidity of legacy networking solutions, falling far short of the architectural vision
  • Needed a mechanism to exibly map granular accounts with individual as well as multiple VPCs for enterprise-grade isolation, usage visibility and chargeback
  • Required an automated self-service work ow mechanism for deploying hybrid cloud sandboxes

Before Aviatrix


Enterprise IT Supported Self-Service

Hybrid Cloud Solution with Aviatrix

Begin quotationAviatrix makes Amazon a lot more consumable for us. We wanted a completely isolated environment for our partners to share data. The Aviatrix solution is a perfect fit with our technology strategy related to collaboration with our strategic partners. End quotation

Sr. Solution Architect, Robert Half

Aviatrix Hybrid Cloud Solution Advantages for Robert Half

  • On demand network connectivity in a few minutes through point and click model enabled by Aviatrix software to automatically create non-overlapping environments in AWS, VPCs with gateways, build encrypted tunnels, program the VPC routing tables
  • Aviatrix’s cloud native software model did not need new hardware nor con guration of on-premises devices
  • The support for multiple AWS accounts and mapping of accounts to multiple VPCs overcoming the inherent limitation of accounts in AWS.
  • Ability to integrate ServiceNow with Aviatrix REST APIs to automate on-boarding new developers — from ticket creation for a new cloud account to the provisioning of a hybrid cloud environment
  • Overall experience with and responsiveness of the Aviatrix team provided increased confidence to deploy
Begin quotationThe Aviatrix software provides automated connectivity to Amazon clouds allowing us to create multiple VPCs easily and quickly. We are now serving business units of Robert Half, providing an IT supported self-service system to leverage the public cloud.End quotation

Sr. Solution Architect, Robert Half


  • Ability to deliver hybrid cloud connectivity to clients in 15 minutes — IT team met its vision of building hybrid clouds with agility, increasing IT efficiency
  • Significantly minimized business disruption risk & circumvented hardware capacity issues by not having to configure edge network devices to connect to AWS VPCs
  • Enhanced collaboration with business partners via isolated partner VPCs in the AWS cloud, drastically reducing security risk of bringing partners to the on-prem datacenter
  • IT was able to deliver cloud connectivity in an elastic and scalable manner growing to more than 140 secure connections in a seamless manner
  • Transitioned to granular accounts enabling IT to track cloud resource usage, costs and charge back to individual projects and teams
  • Self-service — Integration of Aviatrix software with ServiceNow enabled IT to provide an automated self-service work ow for deploying hybrid cloud sandboxes, a true innovation; the entire process of VPC creation & naming, user addition, assignment to security group was automated
About Robert Half

Founded in 1948, Robert Half has a long company history of innovation, always guided by high ethical standards and the belief that finding the right fit for a client and candidate creates an engaged and energized workforce.

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