Use Aviatrix to Control Accessing Microservices in the Cloud

By Sherry Wei
Founder and CTO, Aviatrix
October 23, 2016

Applications are being built, deployed and managed differently these days. Enterprises are adopting microservices architecture where a big monolithic service is broken into smaller and single task services with REST APIs and messaging services connecting them in a loosely coupled fashion. Such methodology fuels the growth of the number of applications serving employees and customers, a lot of them are simply standalone applications. Granting access control to who can access what information becomes an important IT/Ops task.

Aviatrix provides a simple and elegant way to solve the access issue. User profile based access control enables administrator to classify users into different profile groups, each with a distinct set of access policies. Each access policy defines an allow or deny action on a target network, servers, protocols and ports. When a user connects to a gateway in the cloud, the gateway consults the database and retrieve the policies associated with the user profile, the gateway then implement the policies defined in the profile. User is prevented from accessing any specific microservices defined in her profile and the traffic is blocked at the network perimeter. When the user disconnects, the policy is removed from the gateway.

The largest medium company uses Aviatrix to manage the user access control to hundreds of its microservices.  You should consider that too.


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