Impedance Mismatch | The Agility of Compute and Storage in the Cloud vs the Agility of Networking to the Cloud

By Neel Kamal
Head of Sales, Aviatrix
May 11, 2017

Have you noticed that while cloud is all about infrastructure agility, the networking to the cloud is static and not agile at all. This means while it takes minutes to provision compute and storage in a VPC (virtual private cloud), it can take months to network to the same VPC. This is an impedance mismatch and often leads to performance issue, architectural challenges, slowdown in cloud projects and overall poor experience for hybrid cloud networking.

A Direct Connect or ExpressRoute takes 4–6 weeks to provision and works like a black box. You cannot monitor, manage, scale up/down on demand. IPSEC tunnel built using VGW terminating on your edge router often requires weeks of waiting on change management and is too risky as it affects all the other non-cloud applications using the same edge device. These ways of networking to the cloud is what I call the “previous generation impedance”.

Compare this to how storage and compute behaves in the cloud, where you can provision VPC within hours, servers and storage allocation within minutes, scale up or down on demand and pay based on usage. This I call the “modern impedance” or the “cloud impedance”.

Aviatrix solves for this impedance mismatch. Using Aviatrix, cloud operators can build these network within minutes. Our customers uses Aviatrix controller as one pane of glass for all things cloud networking. Using point and click or our rest API, these customers are able to build, manage and monitor connectivity (IPSEC or SSL VPN) in a cloud native way. Aviatrix controller is similar in experience for networking as is AWS console for compute and storage.


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