Hybrid Cloud Unleashed

By Sunil Kishen
Vice President of Partnerships and Strategy, Aviatrix
January 11, 2017

The definition of hybrid cloud typically involves attaching a part of an enterprise network to the cloud or vice versa. AWS Direct Connect is the ultimate hammer to a hybrid cloud problem, but you don’t always need a hammer for all hybrid cloud problems. There are easier and quicker ways to build a hybrid cloud.

Aviatrix’s hybrid cloud solution is 100% software and deploys in minutes. The solution looks like this:

A VM appliance is deployed on the enterprise site and from the appliance outbound IPSec tunnels are made to VPCs in AWS. The appliance can act as a network bridge or router to connect the enterprise network to the AWS VPC. Here is a detailed view of the deployment:

In this example the enterprise address space ( is extended into the AWS VPC. This allows users in the enterprise network to seamlessly access instances and resources created in AWS.  Another major advantage of this approach is that no configuration changes are needed on the edge router/firewall. An IPSec tunnel is initiated outbound from the Aviatrix appliance.

Within 30 min or less, you can now setup a hybrid connection from your enterprise network to the cloud.

Top Ten Aviatrix Hybrid Cloud Highlights

  1. No new hardware – 100% software solution
  2. Extend enterprise address space to AWS
  3. Encrypted transport with industry standard IPSec
  4. Deploy in minutes instead of days or weeks
  5. Central management
  6. Point and click deployment
  7. Supports multiple public cloud vendors
  8. Security policy driven access
  9. Integration with remote logging (Splunk, Logstash, etc.)
  10. Auditing and advance troubleshooting tools


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