Using Aviatrix to Enable a Global Transit Network on AWS

By Sreekanth Kannan
Senior Director of Marketing, Aviatrix
October 9, 2017

In the previous blog, my teammate Jorge outlined the How-to of Transit VPC on AWS. Many of our prospects, partners and customers asked us – Why do you need Transit VPC in AWS and how does it connect with the global transit network in play?

Before we get into the details, does your company use Amazon Web Services (AWS) for cloud infrastructure and also need to connect multiple cloud networks across the globe? Or maybe you want to implement a hybrid network architecture, or you have rigorous worldwide security or compliance programs in place? If you answered, ‘yes’ to any of these questions, then the AWS global transit network with recommended design approaches will interest you.

AWS outlines two design approaches, centralized transit (hub-spoke) and mesh, for connecting multiple, geographically dispersed virtual private clouds (VPCs) and remote networks — i.e., building an AWS global transit network. For each approach, AWS points its customers to partner offerings from its Amazon Partner Network (APN).

Aviatrix is the only APN partner that is listed (under Partner Offerings) for both design approaches: hub-and-spoke and mesh.

In a hub-and-spoke transit network, all traffic is routed through a transit center, or transit virtual private cloud (VPC). Software gateways operated in a dedicated VPC perform transitive routing between spoke networks through a central hub. The Aviatrix automated solution presented by AWS “allows customers to quickly and easily deploy a secure and managed transit VPC network.”



In a meshed network, individual connections are created between all networks, with no central hub VPC. While implementing and managing mesh networked VPCs can be more complex than the hub-and-spoke approach, the fewer network hops can reduce latency and simplify troubleshooting.

As AWS explains: “[The mesh approach] also requires more involved instance and VPN provisioning, monitoring, management, and recovery, which is why we recommend using a comprehensive partner offering, such as those offered by Aviatrix… to automate and simplify these processes.”

Aviatrix cloud networking makes cloud networks as dynamic and scalable as cloud compute and storage. Built from the ground up for the public cloud, the next-generation Aviatrix networking solution lets you simplify VPC interconnections across AWS regions and connect your data center to an AWS VPC.

To understand more about Aviatrix Transit Network Deployment, click here.


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