Aviatrix is Now Available on Google Cloud Platform

By Sunil Kishen
Vice President of Partnerships and Strategy, Aviatrix
March 29, 2016

We are proud to announce that Aviatrix Cloud Gateway now supports GCP, in addition to AWS and Azure

Last week we attended GCP Next 16. It was a great show for us as over 200 visitors came to our booth and learned first hand what Aviatrix Cloud Native working is all about.

Aviatrix Cloud Native networking provides simplified scalability, connectivity to any cloud architecture and end to end network security.

Sounds fancy and what’s in it for me, you may wonder. Well, all those fancy words boil down to these things for you:

Simplicity: unlike any other networking product you have seen, we integrate native cloud networking services into our product. For example, If you need to build a encrypted tunnel between two VPCs in AWS, you don’t need to learn or configure route entries in the VPC. On top of that, we hide the complexity of IPSec configuration so that all you need to do is to launch the gateways in the corresponding VPCs from the central controller and point and click.

Connectivity: We support just about kind of connectivity scenarios you ever need: user to cloud, cloud to cloud, site to cloud and multi-cloud. I should mention the simplicity mentioned above applies to all scenarios.

Security: Every link we connect is encrypted, the encryption is completely end to end. We can even encrypt ExpressRoute or Direct Connect if private link is still not secure enough! In addition, policy is applied everywhere, for users as well as for sites connectivity, so you have the control of who and talk to whom on what ports and even when.

There are technologies behind it to achieve what we do. But technology is only part of it, solving real world problems and make our customer happy is what make us happy.


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