A Conversation with Roberto Sato

By Sherry Wei
Founder and CTO, Aviatrix
June 16, 2018

This is my second conversation with cloud architects. Click here for the first conversation. Meet Roberto Sato, EVP of Technologies at Global Electronic Technology, a privately hold credit card processing service company. Roberto is a dream customer, he is collaborative, patient and meticulous. Roberto is a VP, yet he is hands on, knowledgable and personally involved in evaluating new technologies. Sherry: Tell us what you were looking for? Roberto: Our primary motive was security. We are in the payment industry and we must be PCI compliant. We were about to launch a new product in AWS and our external security…

Software Defined Cloud Routing is fundamental to the Virtual Cloud Network

By Steven Mih
CEO, Aviatrix
June 12, 2018

When VMware recently announced its Virtual Cloud Network strategy, it introduced a new and much-needed category to the cloud world—and challenged the networking industry to collectively step up its networking game. The Virtual Cloud Network is about overcoming the infrastructure obstacles that limit companies from embracing the digital era. The VMware announcement recognizes that networking complexity in the cloud is holding companies back from achieving the business outcomes they desire. But… the VMware announcement was short on details around public cloud routing—i.e., networking to and within Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform environments—which is the realm…

A Conversation with Daniel Huenink

By Sherry Wei
Founder and CTO, Aviatrix
May 18, 2018

Working at Aviatrix gives me opportunities to meet many smart people, the practitioners and pioneers managing cloud infrastructure. I want to understand and document their cloud journey and perspectives. Today is my first piece: A Conversation with Daniel Huenink. Meet Daniel Huenink, Network Architect at Nelnet, a public company in the student loan and repayment business. Daniel is one of those superstars when it comes to Cisco domain expertise. He has architected and managed networks with Cisco WAAS, VoIP, ASA and ASR. Daniel also has diverse experiences as a database programmer and sysadmin. We met with Daniel recently, discussing at…

How Aviatrix Improves Amazon WorkSpaces Connectivity

By Karthik Balachandran
Cloud System Engineer, Aviatrix
April 19, 2018

In May 2016, the Amazon Web Services (AWS) website ran a blog post titled, “I Love My Amazon WorkSpace!” Since then, the virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) has continued to get rave reviews. BUT—and there’s always a ‘but,’ isn’t there?—some of the connectivity aspects of Amazon WorkSpaces have proven to be complex and a hassle to manage. That’s why Aviatrix stepped in, to make it easy to manage Amazon WorkSpaces beyond AWS, providing essential network connectivity to the datacenter and branch offices. Making Connections to Active Directory Amazon WorkSpaces offers several ways to authenticate against your existing Active Directory (AD), the…

Moving past OpenVPN® Access Server

By Sherry Wei
Founder and CTO, Aviatrix
March 31, 2018

Whether you are developing apps or managing the operations in public cloud, direct secure VPN access from your laptop to AWS, Azure or Google Cloud is a must have tool. OpenVPN Access Server by OpenVPN® Technologies is a good starter tool for VPN access. It is based on OpenVPN® open source software and is packaged into a product with browser interface to the VPN server. When does the Access Server become inadequate for you? This depends on your priorities and requirements. Quinn Smith, CloudOps engineer at Mitigator, explained to us, “OpenVPN Access Server was started by our DevOps team for…