Aviatrix Answers

What is a Next-Generation Transit Hub and how is it different?

A global transit network is an AWS-sanctioned approach for facilitating communications from many Spoke VPCs to on-premise datacenter resources via a Transit Hub VPC.

How should I encrypt data-in-motion between my data center and the AWS Global Transit VPC?

An overview of the considerations for encryption including features available from AWS and features required from a 3rd party.

How do I migrate from a vRouter based transit hub to a software-defined AWS Transit Hub?

Understand some of the differences between a vRouter based transit hub and a software-defined transit hub, with practical step-by-step instructions on how to migrate.

How do I overcome the 50 IP limit per security group in AWS?

Learn about the problems you may encounter given the number of inbound or outbound rules per security groups in Amazon is 50.

How does Aviatrix help overcome the 100 routes limit for AWS Routing Tables?

Enabling a multicloud architecture that includes two or more public cloud services can create a netwoking challenge - it's a lot easier if you have the right tools.

Why is the Aviatrix Global Transit solution a better choice over Cisco CSR?

Understand the operational differences in using a Cisco CSR vs Aviatrix as your AWS Global Transit Hub