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What is a Next-Generation Transit Hub and how is it different?

A global transit network is an AWS-sanctioned approach for facilitating communications from many Spoke VPCs to on-premise datacenter resources via a Transit Hub VPC.

How should I encrypt data-in-motion between my data center and the AWS Global Transit VPC?

An overview of the considerations for encryption including features available from AWS and features required from a 3rd party.

How do I migrate from a vRouter based transit hub to a software-defined AWS Transit Hub?

Understand some of the differences between a vRouter based transit hub and a software-defined transit hub, with practical step-by-step instructions on how to migrate.

How do I overcome the 50 IP limit per security group in AWS?

Learn about the problems you may encounter given the number of inbound or outbound rules per security groups in Amazon is 50.

What are my options for a Transit VPC?

If you have many VPCs that need connectivity, a hub-and-spoke topology can simplify your network with a reduced number of connections to manage.

How can I use Aviatrix to connect one site with another using IPsec VPN?

Aviatrix gateways can be used to connect one site to another. This solution requires one Aviatrix gateway in each location that needs to be connected.

Can Aviatrix provide access for client sites to on-premise SaaS services via AWS?

Some SaaS providers hosting services in an on-premises data center for their enterprise clients need to provide client access to the on premise service via the public cloud. This document describes how to do this with Aviatrix.

How can Aviatrix help support temporary cloud workloads?

Workload placement, whether in the public cloud or private cloud (DC) is a question faced by every enterprise cloud or application architect. Learn how Aviatrix can help.

How to load balance hybrid environments using AWS NLB and ALB with Aviatrix Cloud Gateway?

Customers can now choose to have load balancer targets that are spread between AWS VPCs and on premise data centers enable applications that are load balanced across a hybrid cloud.

How to do multicloud networking abstraction and orchestration across AWS, Azure and Google?

Enabling a multicloud architecture that includes two or more public cloud services can create a netwoking challenge - it's a lot easier if you have the right tools.

How to move workloads to the cloud for highly regulated companies?

For AWS environments, how can you secure data-in-motion while also designing in VPC segmentation?

How can I use Aviatrix to secure remote user access to AWS VPCs?

User VPN approach to providing user access to public cloud has advantages over a Jumphost or Bastion host approach. Learn more in this article.

Is Amazon inter-region peering encrypted?

Amazon highlights that all network traffic between regions is encrypted, but what does that really mean? This Answers article digs deeper.

How to do I secure egress and ingress traffic to my Transit Spoke VPCs and where do I put a cloud-based firewall like Palo Alto Networks VM-series?

As you grow your VPC spokes in a transit network, the security of the workloads in those spokes needs to be addressed. Understand the options to secure ingress and egress traffic?

How can I implement firewall policies in AWS?

It is important to have your firewall and security posture defined in AWS before starting to architect and build out VPCs.