About Us

We are passionate about hybrid cloud networking.

Aviatrix provides an innovative Cloud Networking software solution that simplifies connectivity to the cloud in a secure and scalable way. At Aviatrix, we believe that networking is a foundational element of cloud computing and, should be as dynamic, scalable, and elastic as compute and  storage.

Aviatrix provides a software solution for all types of encrypted cloud connectivity: between enterprise datacenter and public cloud (hybrid cloud), between public cloud inter-regions, between different cloud providers (Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform), and direct user access to public cloud through VPN.

Cloud Agility

Reduce the time to setup new virtual private networks from weeks and days to matter of minutes. Aviatrix customers reduced the time taken to deploy hybrid cloud interconnections by 98% on average.

100x Cost Savings

Eliminate capital expense of upgrading edge hardware and operational cost of private circuits like DirectConnect, MPLS and more.

Empower DevOps

Throw out the SSH hosts or bastion hosts in the cloud. Stop sharing your cloud accounts and the inconvenience with it. Empower DevOps with their own direct and secure cloud connection, separate credentials and with superior performance.

End-to-end Security

Deliver standard based encryption like AES for every connection from your datacenter, campus sites to cloud, across the regions in the cloud and when connecting to other cloud providers.

Begin quotationWe are excited that Hyatt was able to leverage the global footprint of Microsoft Azure’s enterprise-proven cloud services, together with tightly-integrated cloud networking solutions from Aviatrix, to deliver a vastly improved user experience for their customers and to improve staff productivity.End quotation

Yousef Khalidi
Corporate Vice President, Microsoft Corp.

Begin quotationHybrid cloud networking is designed to make networking as dynamic and elastic as compute and storage. Using virtualized versions from traditional network equipment vendors in the cloud is not the answer. We are committed to the cloud-centric mesh architecture to empower enterprises to realize the full potential of the hybrid cloud.End quotation

Sherry Wei
Founder & CTO, Aviatrix

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