Software-Defined Cloud Routing
Designed for Cloud Engineers

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What Software-Defined Cloud Routers have (that vRouters don’t):

Cloud-like Simplicity

with centralized console to implement use case driven network services.

Infrastructure as Code

via APIs and deep integration with public cloud providers‘ native services.


Integrated Firewall, VPC segmentation and VPC egress filtering policy controls.

High Performance Encryption

10x throughput for IPSec traffic — and available wherever you need it.

Multicloud Networking

capability that spans AWS, Azure, Google, and on-premises.

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It’s easy to get started. Here’s how Aviatrix works:

Step 1

Subscribe to AVX Controller on AWS Marketplace; deploy using Cloudformation.

Step 2

Log in to AVX Controller and enter your AWS Accounts.

Step 3

Use Controller to orchestrate and manage your cloud network. Uses native Transit Gateways and Aviatrix Gateways.

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