Secure Cloud (VPC) Peering

The Problem: Connecting isolated cloud networks across the globe.

Challenges include interconnecting distributed islands of infrastructure across cloud regions; secure connections that create a private and secure network on the public cloud infrastructure; lack of networking expertise within cloud teams to configure and scale cloud networks; and the need for awareness into underlying networking constructs to work with clouds.

Enterprises run applications in the cloud to take advantage of faster setup, rapid scaling, elasticity, and flexibility, besides, of course, lower costs. However, with user and data sprawl across the globe, multiple cloud regions and replicated setups are needed. As cloud usage grows, there comes a need to segment the cloud network to partition different data sets or application users. Data needs to reside within a certain region and applications need to access data from the other side of the globe.

DevOps and Cloud teams struggle to maintain the context of the user and their permissions when defining policies for the cloud. They are unable to monitor user activity and overall the productivity of the team drops in trying to figure this out and offsets some of the agility and economies brought in by the cloud.

The Aviatrix Solution

At Aviatrix, we believe that cloud networks should be as dynamic, scalable, and disposable as compute and storage. We free you up from the complexity of securing and managing highly available cloud networks.

Aviatrix is a next generation cloud native networking solution built from the group up for the public cloud. Simplify the way you inter-connect VPCs across AWS regions, connect your data center to an AWS VPC, and connect AWS VPCs to Azure VNETs. Easy to set up, fully encrypted, and peering based on policy. Achieve all this in minutes with a solution built for the cloud.

Aviatrix scale out VPC Peering solution provides encrypted peering between VPCs across regions and clouds. It consists of two components, a cloud controller and gateways that are orchestrated by the controller. Gateways are deployed within VPCs and create encrypted tunnels between VPCs. This effectively creates a private tunnel between any two subnets within these VPCs.

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