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Enterprise IT is transforming rapidly to keep up with the changes in the business dynamics and technology ahead of the key networking challenges.

Complex Network

Creating and securely connecting the on-premise datacenter to the cloud resources is often slow and manual. Seamless extension of the private IP address space into the public cloud such that resources in the public cloud are easily accessible, reducing the attack surface, reducing issues with overlapping IP address space is a key challenge facing network engineers.

Legacy Static

Though many networking technologies claims to provide a hybrid cloud network, they are usually connecting one data center or site to one pubic cloud VPC via a single IPSEC connection that is terminated on the one enterprise edge router. This limits the ability of an enterprise to scale their hybrid cloud to multiple data centers as well as to multiple public cloud providers.

Transport Security

Legacy Enterprise site-to-cloud connectivity relies on myriad transport networks comprising MPLS, Fiber, DSL, Cable and more. Enterprises lack adequate security with strong encryption over these varieties of transport networks when accessing the cloud.

Aviatrix Solutions

Enterprise IT is transforming rapidly to keep the changes in the business dynamics and technology ahead of the key networking challenges.

Extending Datacenters to the Cloud

Most enterprises step into the cloud with a hybrid approach – they keep most of their applications and data on-premises and selectively move workloads to the cloud. Aviatrix Hybrid Cloud solution enables enterprises to build seamless, secure and scalable hybrid clouds with no changes to the enterprise IP and security architecture.

Secure Cloud (VPC) Peering

Interconnecting distributed islands of infrastructure across cloud regions and across multi-cloud providers require secure mesh peering. Aviatrix scale out peering solution provides encrypted inter-region and multi-cloud peering across regions and different clouds providers.

Encryption over Private Links

Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute and Amazon AWS DirectConnect provide a private high bandwidth link between customers on premise network and the cloud infrastructure but without any encryption. Aviatrix provides a powerful solution to enable high performance encryption on top of an established ExpressRoute, DirectConnect and customer site.

Scaling SaaS in the Cloud

SaaS applications are widely deployed in the public cloud, serving thousands of users via multi-tenant application frameworks. Planning, maintaining, and providing access to hundreds of VPCs can become an impossible task for CloudOps and Network Planning teams. Aviatrix enables VPCs to share identical CIDRs, instance private IP addresses, and security groups with environmental stamping for easy management and troubleshooting.

Use Cases

Migrating business critical apps like enterprise resource planning (ERP), email and collaboration software to the cloud requires dynamic secure connectivity between data centers and public clouds.

It can take weeks to provision secure connectivity, involving complex router configurations managed by network experts and expensive installations. Aviatrix hybrid cloud networking provides a one-click software-only model to set up encrypted connections to public clouds in minutes, with the ability to extend the private IP network to public clouds.

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