Leadership Team

Entrepreneurial and Transformative Leadership Team

The Aviatrix executive team is a diverse group of business and technology pioneers with roots in industry leading organizations including Cisco, VMware, Huawei, Couchbase, Paypal and more. Now, at Aviatrix, this team has come together with the unified vision of driving the next cloud networking revolution.
Steven Mih

Steven Mih


Steven Mih has served as our Chief Executive Officer since February 2016. Prior to joining us, Steven served as Senior Vice President of Field Operations at Mesosphere, Inc., a datacenter operating systems company in 2015. From May 2009 to January 2015, he served at Vice President of Worldwide Sales at Couchbase, Inc., the NoSQL database company. From April 2003 to December 2008, Steven served as Vice President of Worldwide Sales at Transitive, Inc., a cross-platform virtualization company acquired by IBM. Prior to 2013, Steven held various business roles at Cadence Design Sytems, Inc. and Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. Steven holds a Bachelors of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of California, San Diego.

Steven is an avid yoga practitioner and likes to find himself on the mat whether that be at home, in the studio, or in the Himalayas.

Sherry Wei

Sherry Wei

CTO & Founder

Sherry Wei quit her job at Huawei in 2013 and bootstrapped Aviatrix. The idea behind the technology was to extend the enterprise datacenter to AWS without touching the underlying network infrastructure. Aviatrix was able to acquire a couple of enterprise customers using its hybrid cloud solution before receiving funding. Prior to Huawei, Sherry worked at Cisco for 13 years. She led and developed a few Cisco first generation products, among them the first Intel-based Cisco Integrated System Router (ISR) and the first Cisco T1/E1 Voice and WAN Interface Module. Sherry joined Cisco as part of the acquisition of Ardent Communications where she was the first employee and wrote a significant amount of code. Prior to Ardent, Sherry was an early employee at Centillion Networks that was acquired by Bay Networks (Nortel). Sherry holds a Ph.D from Purdue University in EECS.

Sherry was a ballet junkie, but she no longer has time to take classes at school.

Sunil Kishen

Sunil Kishen

VP of Sales and Partnerships

Sunil Kishen serves as the Vice President of Sales and Partnerships for Aviatrix Systems. Prior to Aviatrix, Sunil served as Senior Director at Cisco Systems and led the Software Integration , Orchestration Practice and Center of Excellence (COE) . Sunil joined Cisco through the acquisition of Sheer Networks in Sept. 2005. Prior to Cisco, Sunil was the co-founder and VP Sales and Product Management for Sheer Networks. Prior to starting Sheer Networks in 1999, Sunil served as Director of Product Management at FORE Systems. He joined Fore Systems through the acquisition of Berkeley Networks where he served as a Sr. Product Manager for Berkeley’s GigE switching platforms. He also served in various marketing and technical roles at 3Com Corporation and Intel. Sunil holds an MS degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering from the University of Arizona.

Sunil is always ready for a game of tennis or badminton, and actively plays in the USTA Adult Tennis league and badminton at the Bintang clubs.

Ajay Dankar

Ajay Dankar

VP of Products

Ajay Dankar serves as the Vice President, Products. Before joining Aviatrix, Ajay led product management & engineering programs for PayPal’s cloud platform and infrastructure where he was responsible for company-wide cloud (private to hybrid) use cases and product strategy, and led IaaS, PaaS, developer tools and public cloud product roadmap to drive infrastructure availability, devops productivity and cost efficiency. While at eBay/PayPal, Ajay oversaw OpenStack infrastructure split and workload migration. Earlier in his career, Ajay built and ran multi-location product management and engineering teams at Microsoft, Cisco Systems and startups.

Ajay is the author of 4 U.S. Patents in the area of multi-factor authentication, and frequently speaks at industry events on a wide range of topics ranging from Docker and containers, How PayPal builds, operates and scales its cloud, Scaling and Operating OpenStack Cloud, Transforming the Delivery of IT Services via cloud. Ajay holds a B Tech in EE from IIT New Delhi and a MS in EE from University of Florida.

Rajan Panchanathan

Rajan Panchanathan

VP of Marketing and Strategy

Rajan Panchanathan leads Marketing and Strategy for Aviatrix. Rajan joined Aviatrix from VCE/EMC (VCE was acquired by EMC in 2015) where he was the VP of Product Management/Product Marketing functions for EMC’s converged infrastructure solutions and grew the business 50%+ year-over-year to surpass $3.2 billion in run rate revenues. Prior to that Rajan led Product management/marketing for Nuova systems (acquired by Cisco in 2007) and grew the Nexus platforms from inception to a multi-billion annual business transitioning in to Cisco. Rajan held several product management and engineering leadership roles in Cisco between 1996 and 2006. Rajan has extensive expertise in the technology space with leadership roles at Atrica (acquired by Nokia Siemens Networks), StrataCom (acquired by Cisco) and Nortel Networks.

Neel Kamal

Neel Kamal

Head of Sales

Neel Kamal is Head of Sales at Aviatrix. Neel focuses on a building a world class team of enablers who believe that innovation can, and should, happen in every job function including sales. He is passionate about startup culture and the pursuit of excellence in sales execution. Prior to Aviatrix, Neel Kamal worked in various field-facing roles for many startup companies including Wavefront (acquired by VMWARE), Couchbase, Encentuate (acquired by IBM).

Neel earned his Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science from the Indian Institute of Technology, and his Master of Science in Computer Science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and National University of Singapore.

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